Agricultural Business

Construction of the original Barn of Linsmeier Brothers

The start of business

Linsmeier Implement Locsted in Menominee MI and  was started by two brothers John and Charlie Linsmeier dealing in livestock and equipment at that time the business was called Linsmeier Brothers. The photo on the left was the fist building being built in the depression aria.

Winter picture of original barn

Not much at this time was ever dated. The picture on the right was several year after witch was located on Linsmeier road in Menominee MI.

Construction of shop in 1939

Construction of curent shop

Construction of the new shop on US41 in Menominee MI in 1939.  

Shop Construction
John and Ann Linsmeier one of the brothers that started Linsmeier Implement Inc.
Picture of the milk trucks and employees